Tuesday, 17 June 2014

As Cute As Can Be

A little personally sentimental with minnie mouse! 
Fun cake to work on- getting just the right facial expression, angle, eyes, etc! 
Buttercream roses, in fact this whole slab is iced in Rach's Cakes vanilla buttercream.

A fun personal story to go along with this cake
I delivered this cake between Cambridge and Brantford, but it was during my working hours. No problem, I just took the kids with me. After organizing myself, putting my keys, wallet,  and phone into my purse, I picked up the twins and helped the 3yearold sweetie from the car. Reaching for the diaper bag, I figured I'd just put my wallet into the diaper bag and not worry about taking in two bags (smart right...). 
After a quick snack and pit stop we made our way back out to the vehicle, only to realize the keys, my phone, and my sanity was left in the car!
Tim's only allows local calls - so I was limited.
Stop for a minute and picture me for a minute! It was Friday the 13th (lots of bikers around), a three-year-old thinking life is great and exploring as far as she could, twins in my arms, and a buttercream cake in my slowly-getting-hot car! In reality it was likely only for 5 minutes, but it felt like an eternity!
A quick prayer, or should I say...a few prayers later
looked down and never have been more thankful for the extra key in my wallet!
The thought actually went through my head as I was walking out to my car -"man I don't even have the extra set of keys with me - they're in my purse too". Had forgotten I had grabbed my wallet!
Lesson learned I guess

Rolled Roses, Blue Ribbon, White Pearls

1st Communion for Two

Blue fondant board and all cake from there!
Blue, Green, White Rolled Roses are always a neat way to finish off a cake
Hand piping is getting easier and easier, not that I necessarily enjoy it, with more practice though - it flows better!

Polka Dot Me Pink

Enough for 100 or more all in one slab
A vanilla cake filled with creamy buttercream and covered in polka dots and etched in billowy shells
For a mother daughter banquet - a fun way to celebrate unique relationships!

Gamer Boy

Yes, there are cakes even for gamers! You name it, we've got it - almost!
A vanilla cake filled with chocolate custard and covered in a vanilla fondant


So excited to work on these cakes for some special little boys!
The two on the edges are the birthday smash cakes - giant chocolate cupcakes with blue buttercream! Made for an amazing couple pictures!
The main cake was also fun to work on - I wish I could allow you all into my bakery for just one day. To smell the smells, to taste the tastes... to get the full effect. Simply because no matter how hard I try to describe it to you here, you will never fully be able to understand!
There is more to a cake than the mere decor - to me it's all about taste, texture, and finally looks!
Don't get me wrong, looks are huge, but I think even a bigger factor is the taste! Lets face it - who would want a cake that tastes like cardboard - not here! Try to imagine a moist dark chocolate cake filled with a smooth creamy mocha filling, and covered in a light, sweet, vanilla buttercream. Or, in the fall going out to the field and picking a fresh pumpkin, baking it into a pumpkin crunch with brown sugar and a delectable cream cheese icing topped with a walnut brown sugar crumble... I could go on! 

Blooming Flower Pot

This bouquet was a ton of fun to work on!
All the flowers and bugs are cupcakes and decorated with buttercream icing!
Etched with grass all along the bottom
A fun way to welcome in summer

Sophisticated in Gold

A Rhubarb Crunch iced in vanilla buttercream and covered in ivory fondant - overlayed with a pressed floral design. Such a simple cake, but the look is what I was going for (pretty much)!
Always something to improve on, but slowly we're getting there!
These roses were all made petal, by petal, colored in eggplant and sprayed with a gold sheen to finish them off!
Some of my dear grandmothers favorite colors!